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If you've never visited Poole Quay on a Tuesday night and seen what Ann and the Poole Tourism team lay on for the benefit of all you bad ass bikers ... then click here and be amazed

Hi There - Thanks for visiting... you're obviously keen to see what the hell we're doing loitering with intent on the main approaches to bike night on Poole Quay on tuesday nights . We're bikers and we take pix of other bikers on their bikes ... Not sat on them like posers on the front lawn or in front of the garage but looking cool riding them. ... Simple.

So if you like the idea of a 30 x 20 poster print of you doing 90 mph on your living room wall to impress the in laws or whether you're perfectly happy with a 7 x 5 print to stick in on your fridge door with a magnet that's fine by us ... simply find your image , print off an order form (prices are on the order form) or call us and we'll do the rest

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In previous years we have 'categorised' pix by  type and colour but due to constraints of time the galleries this year will be 'time coded' so you'll need to click through and spot yourself which shouldn't be too difficult as we're making the thumbs a little bigger to compensate !


Hi we're back for 2008 and last Tuesday (15th) off to an excellent start on a beautiful clear April evening .... thanx for your wonderfully warm welcome - good to see you all too !

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Due to constraints of time images in this set have NOT been sorted by  criteria (bike type or colour) - merely the time frame they were taken in so provided you know roughly what time you normally cruise down the Holes Bay road click on the relevant link below and click thru ... don't worry there's only around 100 in each set

slideshow1 taken between 16.42 - 17.59
slideshow 2 taken between 18.00 - 18.29
slideshow 3 taken between 18.30 - 18.59
slideshow 4 taken between 19.00 - 19.33

Commiserations to this guy who came down the road at about thirty with blue flashy lights behind him and pulled of at the merc garage ..guessing he had been going slightly faster prior to having his collar felt unless of course the boyz in blue merely wanted him to stop so they could admire his Ninja ?


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Snake Bite of the Best  

Congratulations to this gentleman on a first class emergency stop - I believe you passed the test !

Look Mum ~ No Hands



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Images from 12-06-07 will be online w/c 18-06-07


Who's watching who ?


Never had a stalker before - at least not until  the fruitcake below snuck up through the undergrowth on my blind side . Couldn't shake the bastard off even when I pointed my own lens back at him. He calmly took his pic and strolled off to find his nurse. Keep taking the medication my friend.

Never been heckled before either - at least not off stage.. until the loons in the pub on the other side of the dual carriageway rattled their cage - love the guy on the left doing the Hokey Cokey or is he a Gay Gordon ?

If that weren't enough for one night the guys from the Royal Signals were in fine voice when they hurtled past on their way back from jumping through hoops of fire somewhere - a fine display of raised thumbs on display to show their  support fro Snakes Pix !


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Snake Bite of the Best  

Look Mum ~ No Hands

New gallery of bikes LEAVING Poole Quay



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The 'Off Road Rider Award' this week goes to the unfortunate owner of this custom paint job who as many of you will have noticed forgot to turn at the final bend at the Merc garage ... hope you're ok fella

(addendum .... chap called me tail end of April  to say his wrist was smashed and is now held together with pins but on the plus side his bike is repairable ... result then ... get well soon and best wishes from all in the Snake Pit)

Snakes Fun Top 10 for 17-04-07

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Snakes Fun Top 10 for 10-04-07

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Look Mum No Hands vol 1
(June -July 2006)
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It was just a matter of time before some hairy arse navvy decided to share his crack with the biking world .... Thanks for that guys - much appreciated !

Finally special thanks to the young lady below for making a cold man very happy on the 8th August 2006
... made the stakeout completely worthwhile


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